Cilento Coast

Immerse into this Remote Southern Region and Coastline
Looking for something totally different and off the beaten path? Authentic and somewhat secretive, this 100km of white, sandy paradise can be found just south of the Amalfi Coast. The Cilento Coast is largely uninhabited by tourists. The serene turquoise waters and relaxation under the Mediterranean sunshine is one of the most alluring factors of the Cilento Coast. Spend an unforgettably beautiful day cruising along the coastline. Then stop to dine like a local at one of the small, family run restaurants scattered along the coastline.

Some highlights of the Cilento Coast:
- Baia di Trentova
- Coastal Area Licosa
- Santa Maria di Castellabate
- San Marco
- Punta Licosa and Island Licosa
- Greek Temples of Paestum
- Bay of Ogliastro Marina

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